How to learn new programming language?


What is programming language?

Any computer language is nothing but the set of predefined commands, statements and methods. Each language has variables, data types, conditional statements, loops and function etc.


Learning New language

It’s easy to learn new programming language, because you are already familiar with one programming language. It means you know how programming language works and it’s commands, statements and functions. You are aware of the structure of the language.

   So now it’s becomes very easy to learn new language. New language is also going to have similar structure, statements and methods. You can learn new language in one day, if you cover following points.


  1. Variable declaration
  2. Data types
  3. Conditional statements
  4. Loops
  5. Function declaration
  6. Array functions
  7. Strings functions
  8. File functions
  9. Date time functions
  10. Sessions and cookies
  11. Database connectivity & query execution
  12. Basic functions like printing the text, exit, log

If you cover these all points then you are done. You have learned new programming language. As time will pass you will explore more features frameworks and functionality of that language.